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Carpet Dyeing

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Carpets vow to offer cozy and soundless floors. Doubtlessly carpets have lots of utilities from looks to felt to noise absorbents but also one has to face many many challenges while maintaining them. Where carpets are good insulators to sound there they are good absorbent to liquids, sunlight and chemicals too. Bleaching agents can damage the colour of your carpet and sometimes simply sun or time. 

Don’t panic about discolouration of your carpet as Invisible Carpet Repair Melbourne has all the solutions to correct it. If the fibres of your carpet (whether nylon or wool or olefin or else) are in good condition but got colour shock then we are here to help with its colour restoration. You can use our Carpet Dyeing service to reshape and recolour your carpets.  

How Do We Do IT

  • Inspecting the area of the carpet closely to understand the intensity of the colouring dye required for the carpet repair. 
  • We match the missing colours of the carpet with red blue yellow dyes. As the combination of these three colours provides most of the colours on the palette. 
  • Carpets can be potentially dyed by using airbrush technology. Colours are added to the carpet through an airbrush in liquid form. 
  • Dye turns out to be permanent once dried. These are organic dyes, which are absolutely safe for you and your carpet.
  • We dye a patch or full carpet depending upon your requirement.

When To Approach Us

When you think your carpet is not old enough to be discarded but has lost its colours then do take free advice from experts for carpet dyeing services in Melbourne. Invisible Carpet Repair Melbourne tops the lineup when you look for pro carpet dyeing or carpet repair services in Melbourne

Reasons for discolouration can be numerous: it can be sun faded, accidental spillages of bleach or harsh chemicals, sketch pen leakage, failure of DIYs or just you want a shade darker. Yes even if you are bored with the shade of the carpet you can call us to intensify the colours to get a shade or two up. Invisible Carpet Repair Melbourne can dye a full carpet into the shade of your choice or just a patch. We are just a call away from spreading our network across the whole of Melbourne!!

Why Call Experts From Invisible Carpet Repair Melbourne?

  • We are thorough with our subject of carpet repair and have all the necessary legal licenses and documents.
  • We can fix any issue that might have arisen in your carpets such as hole fixation, problems related to joints and splits, pet damage, colour dyeing or any other. All in one go!
  • We are available 24X7 to meet your expectations and deadlines. 
  • We have priced our services reasonably so you need not worry about the quotes and need not waste your time cross-checking them with other service providers.
  • We are masters in dyeing the carpet as closely as to its original colours as we have been doing it for the past twenty-five years. 

We Provide These Same Day Services At Low Cost


Q. Is it possible to retain the colours of the carpet after bleach spillage over it?

Yes, it is very much possible for our professional service providers to fill in the missing colours in the carpet after a bleach accident.

Q. Are the dyes safe which are being used in colour dyeing services by the pros?

Yes, they are absolutely safe and permanent. These are organic liquid dyes that have no side effects on you and the environment.

Q. Is it possible to shade up my existing carpet as it’s not going with my current room assemblages?

Yes, you can go for darker shades of your existing carpet with professionals. Pro experts can dye your full carpet the way you like it.