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Carpet Holes: How To Fix

Carpet Holes: How To Fix

A hole in the carpet can be due to many reasons. A dog can make holes in the carpet by chewing, or an accidental burn can also be responsible for carpet holes. However, holes in the carpet can ruin your day and make you feel unsatisfied. Moreover, high foot traffic can also be the many reasons for holes in your carpet. So, if you ever come across the problem of a hole in the carpet then don’t worry. Whether the holes are small or big with this article you will easily fix them. Hence this blog will be discussing: Carpet Holes: How To Fix. Nevertheless, patching is always marked as a good method for fixing carpet holes. Regardless below are some essential steps about Carpet Holes: How To Fix. 

Steps For Fixing Any Type Of Carpet Holes 

Are you feeling like your carpet needs to be in a prior shape again? Well with the below points you can easily tackle carpet holes. Thus some of the things you will need while fixing a carpet hole are: 

  • Carpet remnant similar to the hole 
  • Utility knife 
  • Empty can 
  • Scissor 
  • Single sided tape 
  • Masking tape 
  • Marker 

Learn Steps About Carpet Holes: How To Fix

  • Outline the affected area: Firstly take one empty can and press it on the carpet. Moreover, press the empty can in the middle of the carpet area. Thus pressing it will leave a circle mark on the top of your damaged carpet. 
  • Cut The Outline Damaged Area: Furthermore, now move forward to the next step which is to cut the outline damaged area. For this takes a utility knife, or you can also take a carpet hole cutter tool. Now, with the utility knife cut the whole infected area, found in the above step. Hence make sure to cut the carpet area with the base, instead of cutting the carpet padding. So, after cutting out the infected area, use your hands or take a vacuum to remove the stray. 
  • Find The Carpet Remnant: So, now you have cut out the damaged piece. Then after this, you need the replacement for a carpet. However, most of the time it happens that extra carpet was left out when you finished installing it. Thus you can use that extra carpet piece for the repair. Nevertheless, if you don’t have the extra carpet left, then it is the small section area on the carpet that is not visible. A small section like carpeting at the back of the closet. 
  • Trim The Repair Piece: Now in this step take the same empty can that you have taken in the first step. However, after taking the empty can remember to mark that outline in the carpet remnants. Thus you need the same size cut-out piece as the new hole which you have made. In simple words, while cutting with the utility knife make sure to do the same movement and make a circle of the same size and shape. So after you have cut the carpet repair piece always remember to clean the damaged fibres from it. 
  • Mark The nap Direction: Further to replace the damaged area of the carpet it is best to match the two sections you can. Thus the nap of your carpet should match and must travel in the same direction. Therefore you must take note of the direction for the new piece. However, for this take the marker and the masking tape for an arrow which gives direction. After this, you do the same thing to the damaged area of the carpet. Thus draw a small arrow on the masking tape and even make sure that both arrows are in the same direction. 
  • Add The carpet tape: Take the single-side tape and this should be a big length to fill the gap. However, each strip should be ⅔ inches longer than its width. Thus after this fix the masking tape around the carpet hole. Moreover, pull off the carpet and slide the masking tape under the carpet. Hence repeat the same process again and again till you cover the entire area. Importantly you can use double side or single-sided tape. But single-sided tape will be easier to fill the gap. 
  • Carpet Patching: In this step remember that the arrow should be facing in the same direction. Then after this gently fix a new carpet piece to the hole. Thus do this till the new carpet piece is attached to the tape and the surrounding area. Once it’s attached, firmly press the edges for about 5 minutes. And move the carpet fibres to fill the gap between the new and the old piece. Regardless you can also use the furniture for placing it on the carpet overnight or even more. 
  • Trim The Uneven fibres: No matter how perfectly you press the new piece. But there is always an area which does not rightly fit both the new and old sections. However, if the carpet patch area is uneven you can make it even by cutting lightly over the carpet fibres. And you can even snip any carpet length which is too long. Hence while trimming the uneven fibres make sure never cut them too short. Thus all the above steps are straightforward and solve the problem that is Carpet Holes: HowTo Fix. Yes we understand fixing the carpet hole is a bit difficult but following the above steps as mentioned will make your work easy. 


Carpet Holes: HowTo Fix? Are you worried about this question? Well don’t worry, the above steps will be very helpful for you. Regardless of the best and most reliable outcome, hire a professional carpet repair service. As the carpet repair service is less time-consuming and gives the best result. Moreover, the finest service professionals use advanced tools. Also, experts can fix any type of carpet hole with standard techniques. Therefore, for a flexible service hire a certified professional for fixing carpet holes. For more information, you should read our blogs.