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Carpet Restretching

Your one-stop solution to all Carpet Re-stretching Melbourne requirements

Carpets add glam and class to your premises, but all the elegance immediately fades away when it’s wrinkled. With time and use, your home/office carpets end up getting a baggy look. However, you do not need to drain out your pocket by getting a whole new carpet set, as our professionals at Invisible Carpet Repair Melbourne can restore its firmness and appearance with foolproof carpet re-stretching Melbourne solutions. We have a team of carpet repair technicians who have expertise in re-stretching a myriad of carpet types and styles. We employ industry-grade tools and solutions during our carpet re-stretching treatment and ensure a flawless outcome.

What is carpet re-stretching? When do you need it?

Carpets lose their firmness in the grip over time and appear baggy or loose. And gradually from this stage, they start to get damaged. In fact, often loose materials and fibres sneak out from them, increasing the risks of tripping over and having a fall. In order to get your carpet back in its showroom-like condition and ensure the safety of your family members and office employees, you should definitely seek professional help.

The 3-Step Process We Undertake To Restretch Your Carpets

We have often seen our clients referring to the condition as wavy, wrinkled, etc. However, the most precise term is ‘fullness’, and it can only be resolved by our professional carpet re-stretching treatment. The steps involved:

  • Pulling up the carpet around its rims
  • Stretching out the carpet with a carpet stretcher
  • Fitting the carpet and sprucing up the surplus part

For severely wrinkled carpets, we employ carpet power stretching to deliver the best result.

Carpet Power Stretching

The carpets that are wall-to-wall fitted pamper your feet and make your premises cosier. Also, it works great in minimizing noise! When it comes to installing a new carpet or re-stretching it, we often suggest our clients opt for the power stretching tool. This is possibly the best way to fit or refit the carpet according to your floor’s customized patterns and designs.

Carpet Re-Stretching

No matter how well you take care of your carpet, it will meet wear and tear gradually. Waves, wrinkles, lumps, unsightly ripples, etc, are a few signs that it needs professional carpet re-stretching in Melbourne services. Employing advanced re-stretching technologies, our skilled technicians re-stretch your carpets, and precisely refit them, making your floor smooth and cosy again!

Why Choose Us For Carpet Re-stretching In Melbourne?

Our skilled carpet repairing experts specialize in offering customized carpet re-stretching according to carpet materials and fabrics. We not only remove wrinkles and buckles from your carpet and enhance its appearance but also add more years to its lifespan. We handle our carpet re-stretching Melbourne projects so skillfully that nobody would ever get the slightest hint of its previous baggy condition. Alongside re-stretching, we also help repair holes, burn spots, seams, remove stains, etc.

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Is it important to hire professionals for carpet restretching?

If your carpet appears wavy and wrinkled, it needs re-stretching. However, you cannot manage it at home as it requires professional tools and expertise. We can help you refit it.

How long does it take to restretch a carpet?

Usually, carpet restretching takes around 2 hours to complete. The time can increase or decrease depending on the complexity of the job.

Is it necessary to cut carpets for restretching?

We do not always cut the carpets for restretching. But sometimes, cutting the carpet edges becomes necessary to refit it precisely.