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Carpet Patching

Reinstate your carpet’s appearance with our matchless carpet patching services

If a certain part of your home or office carpet gets damaged by your pet or gets burnt, seeking professional carpet patching solutions can save your pocket from the hefty expense of replacing it. Our professionals at Invisible Carpet Repair Melbourne with their years of expertise replace the damaged portion of your carpet with a fresh carpet patch in a way that it looks invisible. We make sure that your carpets do not get wrinkles or bulges during the patch repair procedure. Using commercial-grade tools and solutions, our services come with long-term results. Get in touch with us now to get impeccable carpet patch repair services

The step-by-step process we follow to restore your carpet’s appearance

Employing skilful techniques, industry-grade tools, and equipment, we undertake the below-listed steps to reinstate the newness of your carpet with our dependable carpet patching services.

  • Our professional carpet patch repairers first assess the size of the damaged portion to plan a fruitful solution for the carpet restoration program.
  • The next thing we do is match the fibre with the donor carpet. Usually, we take the fresh patch from the carpet itself from a hidden portion. When it is not possible, we find a donor carpet to use the patch.
  • After that, using a capped pen we mark the damaged portion by drawing a square around the damaged area.
  • Then we cut the damaged part of the carpet along straight lines using a fine utility knife. We carefully handle this step and stick by cutting only the carpet back, and not the tufts.
  • Using carpet tape that has adhesive on both sides, we attach the fresh patch cautiously in the pre-cut carpet area. These tapes are very sticky, but give only one go to stick the fresh patch. So we handle this particular step with utmost care.

Finally, we give freshly repaired carpet that looks new and untouched.

When should you opt for our carpet patching services?

Cutting a fresh patch from the inconspicuous part of the carpet and patching it on the damaged portion is tougher than it seems. If you commit any slight mistake, it can lead to further damage. It, in turn, could require replacing the whole carpet which is far more expensive than the repair cost. So, if you see scratched parts, holes, or burnt spots on your carpet, immediately call us before the tiny damage takes a massive shape. We are available for you all around the clock, and serve same-day services in case of an emergency. 

What makes us your best company for carpet patching in Melbourne?

Due to our commitment to offering superior quality carpet patching service, our customer-friendly attitude and reasonable service cost are what sets us apart from the rest. Take a look at the reasons why you should choose us for carpet patch repair:

  • Our carpet patch repairers are professionally trained and possess more than 30 years of experience in the industry.
  • We employ state-of-the-art solutions and tools to perform the carpet patch repair job flawlessly, ensuring the best outcome.
  • We are prompt in responding to your calls and emails and offer quick service, keeping the value of your time.
  • At Invisible Carpet Repair, we serve in and around Melbourne at very reasonable price rates.
  • It doesn’t matter if it’s a public holiday or weekend, we are available for you at every turn.

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Is it possible to repair a moth-eaten carpet?

With our carpet patching services, we can carefully cut the moth-eaten part of the carpet and replace it with a fresh patch, and we ensure that the whole thing will look invisible.

Do you carry carpet patches?

If we bring carpet patches on our own the texture and design might not match yours. So we cut a fresh patch from the inconspicuous part of your carpet and use it to patch the damaged portion to give a nice finish.

What does carpet patching cost in Melbourne?

The average cost of carpet patching services in Melbourne revolves around $150 to $300 depending on the size of the damage. To get an upfront quote, schedule an inspection program with us today.