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How Can We Help You To Fix The Torn Carpet

How Can We Help You To Fix The Torn Carpet

Carpet adds color and grace to any interior. Be it your home, office, or any commercial space, carpeting can make it worthy to live comfortably. That is why people buy high quality and expensive carpets for their spaces according to their preferences. But, even small damage or tears on the carpet can ruin its look. In such a situation, it would be better to choose professionals from Carpet Repair Company. Here are the steps following which they can help you to fix the damaged and torn carpets. 

Fix The Torn Carpet
Fix The Torn Carpet

Have a detailed look at these given steps-

  1. Cutting of the damaged carpet

If you’ve hired a professional then the first step of fixing the torn carpet will be cutting out the damaged part. Whether your carpet is torn or burnt, you need to first cut it out. The professionals will first measure the area of the carpet that is torn and damaged. This is helpful to find out the size of the patch that is needed for the fixing of the damaged part. Without damaging the other parts of the carpet, just cut the damaged portion of the carpet top and proceed with the repairing process.

  1. Measure the piece of carpet for replacement

Once the professionals have cut out the damaged part, they will not measure the replacement part that they’ll use on the damaged part. Make sure these both need to be of the same size to ensure the perfect fixing of the carpets. With this step, it is easy to fix torn carpets with a professional carpet repairing service. To do so, you need to keep both the cutouts on the floor to match them perfectly. 

  1. Inserting the new piece of carpet

The next step is to fix torn carpets and then place the new piece of the matching carpet on the damaged part cut out. While doing this, you need to keep in mind that you have to choose a matching new carpet for fixing this problem. After this, professionals make use of the high quality double-sided tape that will help the new piece of the carpet stick with the carpet. This kind of tape is good for sticking to the flooring and the new piece of carpet.

  1. Trimming the carpet

After patching the new piece of the carpet, you need to make the carpet smooth. For this, one needs to trim the rough edges of the new piece. This helps in making the carpet smooth and looks realistic. 

After the new piece replacement of carpet, you just have to trim out the longer fibers. This will give a natural look to the remaining old carpet. Also, repairing the carpet will save you money in buying a new carpet. 


Torn or damaged carpets won’t look in your home. So, it’s important to fix torn carpets to repair the carpets and save costs on their replacement. The above-given steps will help you to repair damaged and torn carpets.