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How To Repair Carpet Damage By Pets

How To Repair Carpet Damage By Pets

The claws of the naughty pets can make a mess on your carpet. You will often find it challenging to put up with the view of patches on your carpets. Dogs can also scratch the carpets by digging them. You will notice some loose carpet threads here and there. The situation is under control if you are ready to fix a pet-torn carpet without breaking the bank. Repairing the carpet is quite expensive but you can fix it with the given steps. These steps will not demand carpet professionals if you are ready to work accordingly to repair carpets damaged by the pets. Let’s read and understand in brief:

The materials and tools that you will require:

Before starting on a carpet repair issue, it is important to ensure that you have the given tools:

  • Carpet evaluating tape
  • Duct tape
  • Adhesive disc
  • Equipment like a knife or scalpel for the cutting of threads
  • If the patch is circular then you may require a circular carpet cutter

How to mend pet-related damage to carpet:

  • You can cut loose strands to repair the carpet. The pets’ claws are sharp and sometimes these claws can pull out the carpet threads, which you must clean first to make the fixing process easy.
  • Use a repairing tool to trim down the curly loops and loose ends. It will be level with the carpet and will be mixed so well that your floors will love the carpet again.

Here are some better tips to repair the pet damaged carpet on your own:

  • To fix  a carpet ripped up by a dog

Dogs instinctively dig on your carpet and use it for their personal scratch patch. Initially, you will only see some of the loose threads from the carpet here and there. Controlling this becomes very essential because the repairs of the carpets are expensive. Go for the given guidelines to make this process easier:

  1. The claws of your pets get caught between the fibres of the carpet when they walk. It can damage the carpet. You can use sewing tools to tidy up the loose threads.
  1. Trim the frizzy loops and loose ends so that they are at the same height as the rest of the carpet.
  1. Vacuum all over the repaired area to fix the carpet fibres altogether.
  • Repair loose lines

Pets often love to tug on things. But, unhappily they will also love to pull apart the carpet of your living room. They will find a loose end and will damage the carpet. Do you notice the given in your carpet: Loose joints or 

Loose ends. 

Follow the given steps to get your carpet repaired:

1. Cut the hot melt carpet tape to the length of the covering of the carpet.

2. Put the tape under the joints of the carpet. If it is against a wall, then allow some part of the tape to slide under the skirting board. You can also place the tape where the two carpet ends join.

3. Heat the iron and run it back and forth over the carpet. This will melt the tape to seal the carpet into place.

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